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[펌] Borland C++Builder Links

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Borland C++Builder Links

I'm slowly going thru all my bookmarks for C++Builder and adding some comments. Of course, the Internet being what it is, this means that I no sooner check something before it disappears for good. Ah well... The links below will pop up in another window, so you can try and explore them all without losing your place. Please let me know if you find a busted link or a new link that I should check out.

Main Borland Support Pages

These are the main Borland web sites for C++Builder. Please be sure to check out the FAQ before asking any questions!

Inprise's Borland C++Builder main page
Inprise's Borland C++ Developer Support Page
The wonderfully helpful C++Builder newsgroups
MER Systems newsgroup search Borland Community Borland's growing web community. You can find the C++ Community here.
BDE Developer support pages


Commercial, shareware and freeware components, libraries and tools. The difference between commercial and shareware is pretty fine, except that usually commercial components only have demos, either applications or they just allow you to use them while in the IDE.
  • Delphi Super Page : A huge searchable library of components
  • ZBuilder : Communication components ZSocket & ZComm (Commercial)
  • Alan Garny's Hellix : TOpenGL, TTransBitmap, and more (Shareware)
  • Dr John Maddock's Home Page : Regex++, a regular expression C++ library
  • The DELPHI Deli : Collection of Dephi & C++Builder components
  • RXLib : Really nice set of components, but only just barely works with C++Builder. Please don't ask me for support! (Freeware)
  • Raize Software Solutions, Inc. : Pretty nice package of components (Commercial)
  • Delphi32.com : a Delphi site, with lots of components
  • Plasmatech Software Design : Shell Control Pack & Structure Storage Library (Commercial)
  • ZieglerSoft component library : One of my favorite component sets. Includes every button type you can think of and more! (Shareware)
  • Francois PIETTE English Page : Lots of cool components, most notably the Internet Component Suite (Freeware)
  • Andreas Horstemeier's Homepage : Some cool components, including Internet ones (Freeware)
  • Softouch Development Inc. : The Grid Collection (Commercial)
  • Delphi Goodies : Grep utility and search component (Shareware)
  • Fitco Home Page : Delphi components, but w/source, so should(?) work with C++Builder (Freeware)
  • DDO Organisation English Home Page : TDBTreeView component (Shareware)
  • Multilizer : Multilanguage Component Libary (Commercial)
  • Lingscape : Mulitlanguage Designer components (Commercial)
  • NetMasters : Home of the BCB Internet components, FastNet (Commercial)
  • Peter's Component Site : Bunch of freeware and shareware components, mostly for Delphi, some BCB (Shareware)
  • CoolDev.Com - CoolControls and CoolMenus, some interesting components (Shareware)
  • Allround Automations : Direct to Oracle component, skipping the BDE (Commercial)
  • Quality Software Components Ltd : Version control and Installation programs (Freeware and Commercial)
  • MJ Freelancing : shareware registration component, math lib, and a set of freeware components (Commercial)
  • ObjectDriver : an Open Object Wrapper dedicated to Relational Databases Reusing (Freeware)
  • RQ's Profiler : Profiling tool (Crippleware)
  • Engineering Objects Internationl : ClassBuilder, code templates, random number class (Commercial)
  • KpGb Software : VCLZip - .zip reading component (Shareware)
  • Sulako Developments : GIF image components (Freeware)
  • Nicholas Kingsley's Programming : LinkList & Amnesia, a sprite engine (Freeware)
  • Mizar Buttons : Button component (Shareware)
  • ExceleTel - TeleTools components for TAPI (Commercial)
  • Regex - Regular Expression Library package (Freeware)
  • TExcellent[...]Printer - TExcellentImagePrinter & TExcellentFormPrinter; Components to print a images & forms. (Commercial)
  • SignSoft - OpenGL component (Commercial)
  • GenoTechs - GTSizer for resolution independence; also GTASCII-lator, a neat little free tool showing the Ascii table (Commercial)
  • IG's Software - ProHelp & HTMLHelp (Shareware)
  • CGI Expert - CGI Component for BCB (Freeware & Shareware)
  • Indy - Internet components (formerly Winshoes) (Freeware)
  • Objective Software Technology - ABC, huge component library (Commercial)
  • Vladimir Gaitanoff Delphi Page - Freeware component library and shareware Midas / BDE Server library (Freeware/Shareware)
  • digitalroom.net - ini file & Forms extension components (Freeware)
  • Dave Baldwin's page - HTML viewer component and others (Freeware/Shareware)
  • Fenestra Technologies' Component Factory - Event Journal (Commercial)
  • TMS Software - huge collection of very useful components, including TAdvStringGrid (Shareware)
  • Zorn Software - Barcode component (Shareware)
  • SandStone - Visual Parse & HtmlParse components (Commercial)
  • Opaque Software - Components (buttons, labels, menus, etc) and experts (Commercial)
  • DelphiFreeStuff.com - listing of Delphi (and C++Builder) freeware components (Freeware)
  • Eminent Domain Software Spelling & Printing components (Commercial)
  • siComponents TsiLang (localizer component) and Resource Builder tool (Commercial)
  • Perfect Design - PerfectSize component, for form sizing (Commercial)
  • Q-Systems Engineering - ElasticForm & WorldGraph (Commercial)
  • ExceptionalMagic - Exception handler (Shareware)
  • Component Localizator library - localization and internationalization tool (Shareware)
  • EldoS components - utilities and controls, both visual and non-visual. (Shareware/Freeware)
  • MarshalSoft - Internet and serial comm components (Shareware)
  • CyberMagice - Adonis (ADO) components (Commercial)
  • First Internet Software House - FileNotification, NT Event Log, VersionLabel and GroupBox components w/source (Freeware)
  • CiceroSoft - interesting HTML components (Commercial)
  • ObjectSight - new home for TopGrid, a nice looking grid control (Commercial)
  • GExperts - The best Expert addin for Delphi & BCB. You'll wonder how you got along without it
  • Jordan Russell's Software - Toolbar97 component & a good looking free Setup utility (Shareware)
  • Colosseum Builders, Inc. - Go to the Source Code page, and click on the link at the top, which will send you here. For some reason, they "no longer support" Inprise products. But you'll find a pretty good Grid here. (Freeware)
  • SwiftSoft - MMTools is an outrageously powerful multimedia component library. Also freeware tools: MP3 BladeEncoder & CDDB Component (Freeware/Commercial)
  • Vista Software - Apollo DB, a BDE replacement component
  • dbRock Software - TSyntaxMemo, a "powerful text editor with user defined syntax highlighting effects". (Commercial)
  • PraxisService - DBGrid, Page, and Tab control components. (Commercial)
  • Torry's Delphi Pages - My first stop when searching for a component. If it isn't here, it isn't anywhere!
  • LMD Innovative Online - LMDTools, a pretty impressive looking component suite. Look for the freeware subset! (Commercial)
  • melander.dk : TGIFImage & a drag 'n' Drop suite (Freeware)
  • OpenGL Component for C++ Builder (Freeware)
  • MWA Software - JPEG & GIF components (Shareware)
  • EnhTech Port I/O - Components for doing port I/O under Win32, including WinNT; TVicRes, a freeware component for getting info on hardware resources (Commercial)
  • DelphiNT - set of Delphi components, including source, to do NT only things like jobs and shares. Not sure if it works with BCB - let me know if you find out! (Freeware)
  • SK Computer Solutions - Lots of VCL stuff, maybe it'll work with BCB, as it includes source (Freeware)
  • Tempest Software, Inc. - Ray Lischner : Ray is BMOC on the Delphi campus, but you can learn alot from his components, books, and source code. OpenTools API is his specialty.
  • Dream Company : Lots of components, including DreamMemo (w/syntax highlighting), DreamInspector (an Object Inspector to add to you app), and Dream Infotree (powerful tree control). (Commercial)
  • UnitOOPS Software - OLE Drag 'n' Drop components (Commercial)
  • BCB and Delphi Freeware Zip Component page - ZIP component (Freeware)
  • BCB-Tools.com: TDx_Draw_Library - component suite that wraps the DX7 SDK (Commercial)
  • DeveloperExpress - lots of components, pretty high prices (Commercial)
  • Greg Lief's Assorted Delphi components. Incredible looking collection of components. (Shareware)
  • Innova Software - Calendar Works, an "appointment book component" (Commercial)
  • Alfa Corporation - a couple of interesting looking file-level components, File Monitor and File Interceptor (Commercial)
  • Magic Software - Numerical and graphical library (Freeware)
  • Stone Mountain Software - Splash screen, About Box, and Serial port components, among others. Look kinda expensive though ($100 for a splash screen? See The ZieglerCollection for a better value!) (Commercial)
  • Woll2Woll Software : InfoPower grid control and 1stClass component library (Commercial)
  • Dejan Crnila Components - ComPort component (Freeware)
  • Mike Shkolnik's components - Data exporter and report generator (Commercial)
  • UtilMind - Large collection of components, from upgrader to TreeComboBox (Freeware and Shareware)
  • VCL Crawler - nice component "search" engine
  • VCLComponents.com - a pretty nice looking set of links to VCL Components
  • Lischke Online - lots of freeware Delphi components w/source for using in BCB. Includes a nice graphics component (GraphicEx), XP Theme manager, and a Virtual Treeview (Freeware)
  • Scalabium - Import/Export, report & Logging components, plus a freeware component library & DBGrid (Freeware and commercial)
  • KS Development - SkinEngine component and other libraries (Commercial)
  • WPTools - Word processing components and a PDF-generator componet (Commercial)
  • destructor.de - XML parser; for Delphi, but there seems to be C++Builder support (Freeware
  • icom - XML Parser for Delphi, rumored to be BCB compatible (Freeware)
  • Alexey Dynnikov's page - PerfUtils component for WinNT Performance API. Also SvCom, for developing service applications. (Freeware/Shareware)
  • ProfGrid - Yet Another Grid Control (Freeware for non-commercial)
  • Jazmine : VCL PIM widgets (Commercial)
  • Fe Software : PIM Flash and Power Tools components (Commercial)
  • Hyrix Technologies : ImageEn component, a nice looking imageprocessing component library. (Shareware)
  • Delphi Pages : Nice looking searchable compilation of components
  • Timur Islamov : Use Jet & ADO without BDE. Also another DBGRID replacement. (Shareware)
  • Pragnaan : WYSIWYG QuickReport filters & TDBLookup replacement components (Commercial)
  • Tools & Comps : TUsersCS, user security component for BDE (Commercial)
  • ESB Professional Computation Suite - Data Entry & usage components (Commercial)
  • Defined Systems : Defined Forms, a form component. Also, "BCB-Friendly web hosting", whatever that means. (Commercial)
  • SQL Direct : BDE replacement for accessing SQL servers. (Commercial)
  • VssConneXion : Integrate SourceSafe with BCB (Shareware)
  • Martin Stainsby's CBuilder components : Panel, label and speedbutton components with MouseEnter/MouseLeave events (Freeware)
  • Octopod Group : IDE for Borland command line compiler, as well as an ActiveX web server component (Commercial)
  • Parsifal Software : source code for an expression parser (Freeware)
  • OpenXML : Delphi source code for XML parsers
  • Project JEDI : Joint Endeavor of Delphi Innovators; an opensource library useful routines, somewhat compatible with C++Builder (Freeware)
  • TRichView : Very fancy text control, with HTML tags, tables, XML, etc. (Commercial)
  • SDL Component Suite : Bunch of cool looking mathematical components, like FFT, tables, Matrix, etc. (Commercial)
  • JFActiveSoft : Home of JfControls, a big package of controls, from localizing to special forms (Commercial)
  • Abakus VCL : component package containing clocks, meters, dials, sliders, etc. (Commercial)
  • JAPOS : Textured panel & LabelURL components (Freeware)
  • O&A Productions : Combo Boxes and DTalk, a speech component (Commercial)
  • IOCOMP Software : Instrumentation Component Products (Commercial)
  • Almediadev : Skin component (Commercial)
  • SCT Associates, Inc. : ACE Reporter, a DB report generator (Commercial)
  • DelphiCity : Nice looking component directory
  • Advantage Database : Database server and C++Builder TDataSet descendant components (Commercial)
  • Addictive Software : Spell check/thesaurus component suite (Commercial)
  • Electro-Concept Mauricie : PlusMemo (enhanced memo component) & PlusSpinEdit (Commercial)
  • ESB Consultancy : ESB Professional Computation Suite, for data entry & manipulation (Commercial)
  • Elevate Software : DBISAM component (Commercial)
  • Benny Hill's programming page : includes the source for TSystemInfo (Freeware)
  • Samara Delphi & Interbase club : Component database, like Torry's
  • Asta Technology Group : They say "Components for N-Tier Development". Looks like cool components to connect to a database via the Interent. (Commercial)
  • Zeos Library : Components for accessing MySql, PostgreSql, SQL Server, Oracle and Interbase (Freeware)
  • Borshack Software Solutions : PIM & TreeView components. (Commercial)
  • Tamarack Associates : Rubicon, a full text search engine (includes Borland newsgroup search on the site) (Commercial)
  • Random64 : A random number generator class (w/source) for BCB (Freeware)
  • Doc-O-Matic : Pretty cool looking tool for generating documentation via code comments (Shareware)
  • Crystal Soft : Some good looking DB tools, including DBStructure, for displaying and saving a database schema (Shareware and Freeware)
  • Toolsfactory : Some great BCB tools, including a Pro version of the builtin ClassExplorer and the wonderful Doc-O-Matic (Freeware & Commercial)
  • Leabeau Software : Agent, Association & RegExtension Components (Freeware)
  • Korzh.com : Localizer tool & Simple Query builder (Commercial)
  • Robert Davies C++ Libraries : Some interesting C++ libraries, for things like matrix work, and random numbers
  • Dmitry G. Barabash: ProVCL, a component library (Freeware)
  • NativeDB : Direct Sybase SQL Anywhere database access component (Commercial)
  • AppControls : "Advanced Application" and "Disk" Control packs (Shareware)
  • MicorOLAP : MySQL Direct Access Component & EasyMAP for GIS stuff (Commercial)
  • Fast-Report : FastReport, a reporting tool component (Commercial)
  • Pragnaan : PsQRFilters, an export filter for QuickReports, so you can export your reports to things like JPG & HTML. (Commercial)
  • ShazamWare : SQL Query building component & Report Wizard (Commercial)
  • Quasidata : Transfer@once (drag 'n' drop/clipboard interface) and DbAltGrid, an interesting looking take on DBGrid (Commercial)
  • EMS HiTech : QuickExport components, for exporting your data. Some other Interbase support tools & components too. (Commercial)
  • Golden Hawk Technology : CD-ROM burning C++ class library (Commercial)
  • IBObjects : Direct Interbase access components (Commercial/Freeware)
  • PragSoft : UML tool (Commercial)
  • Binary Magic : Magic CD Burner, a component for Data CD burning (Commercial)
  • Soford : Easy Editor, a set of components for flexible editors & memos & Scheduler, a PIM component (Commercial)
  • TSM @ CryptoCentral.com : Encryption components (Commercial)
  • AfalinaSoft : XL Report, an Excel report generator & data analysis component (Commercial)
  • Epocalipse : VssConneXion, a Visual Source Safe expert (Commercial)
  • Almico's Delphi Components : TEnhTwain, a TWAIN component (Commercial)
    Friday, January 11 2002
  • Murt Software : GmPrintSuite, a set of print, preview, and reporting components (Freeware/Commercial)
  • GlyFX : Cool looking icons & glyphs (Freeware & Commercial)
  • alan-warriner.co.uk : TToneGen, for generating sounds; TPushKeys, for sending keystrokes; and TRotatePanel (Freeware)
  • bome.com : A few free Delphi components w/source, as well as a cool tool called Restorator (shareware), which rips resources from program files (Freeware)
  • Components4Developers : See especially kbmWABD, the Web Application Builder component. Way cool. (Freeware)
    Wednesday, January 16 2002
  • AnimatedMenus.com : powerful-looking menu component suite (Commercial)
  • AidAim Software : EasyTable, a BDE replacement, & EasyCompression, for TStream compresion & encryption (Commercial) Also, GLVisir (OpenGL), CalcExpress & DiffExpress (math expression interpreters), ZipForge (Commercial), MsgCommunicator (Messenger SDK - commercial) (Freeware)
    Thursday, January 17 2002
  • ihSoftware : Delphi components, but they come with source, so they should work with BCB. See especially Widgets, which are caption bar buttons (Freeware)
  • BCB-Center : It has 2 useful components, one for FileVersion and one for a URL label (Freeware)
    Added Saturday, January 26 2002
  • BCB DX Library : A SourceForgeproject to integrate BCB & DirectX (Freeware)
  • Dave's RAD Pages : 3rd part components, icons, scripts & applications available for download
  • Smaller Animals Software : ImgSource, an image processing DLL that should be usable by C++Builder (Commercial)
  • Steve's WebShed : 3D Labels, Gradient, List & URLLabel components (Freeware)
    Added Wednesday, January 30 2002
  • bit-arts : come cool looking tools, including installation, compression and even Fusion, which includes DLLs, OCXx, etc right into your executable (Commercial)
  • PasScipt : Pascal Scripting engine (Commercial)
    Added Thursday, February 7 2002
  • Run-Time Systems : Scripting Expert to use VBScript in the IDE (Freeware)
    Added Tuesday, February 12 2002
    Added Monday, February 18 2002
  • Orcka Development : A cool looking component suite, with spell checker, versioninfo, addinmanager, etc (Freeware)
    Added Friday, February 22 2002
  • Snowbound : Nice looking graphic control, with PDF and everything (Commercial)
    Added Monday, February 25 2002
  • AP Software : Some neat source code, like a DynDS, Volume control, Web cam, OpenGL, etc (Freeware)
    Added Thursday, March 7 2002
  • Dew Research : MtxVec, numberical library (Commercial)
  • Zeal Softsudio : NTPort for using the parallel port, and some ActiveX controls (yech) (commercial)
    Added Wednesday, March 13 2002
  • AntiDebug : Software security for your application (Commercial)
  • Setup Generator : Simple installer (Freeware)
  • Inno Setup : Nice looking installation utility. Even mentions BDE (Freeware)
  • JGsoft HelpScribble, a Help file creator and DeployMaster, an installation program (Commercial)
    Added Thursday, March 14 2002
  • Colin Wilson's Delphi Site : Some excellent utilities, including a resource editor (Freeware)
    Added Friday, March 22 2002
  • Kever : EzPlan-IT, scheduling/PIM component (Commercail)
    Added Wednesday, April 3 2002
  • ZipTV components : compression related component suite - zip, rar, etc. (Shareware)
  • base2 Technologies : zlib, a zip component (Freeware)
  • Delphi Zip Beta Page : Delphi Zip, good in C++Builder too (Freeware)
  • Devrace : Athlant (integrate SCC API (Visual C++) VCS into IDE), FIBPlus (Interbase interface), a couple of freeware IDE experts (Commercial)
  • RouteWare : Routing and pathfinding component (Freeware and commercial)
  • EC Software : Help Suite, components for integrating help into your app (Freeware)
    Added Friday, May 10 2002
  • Crystal Component : CAD, vector, polyline, CanvasText & Magnify components (Commercial)
    Added Monday, May 13 2002
  • AToZed Software : See FinalBuilder, for automating your BCB builds (Freeware)
  • MaxSpace : An IDE enhancement that hides the menu bar and Object Inspector (Shareware)
  • 9rays.net : Tree, Grid, Editbox, etc components (Commercial)
  • LLionsoft : IIPDFLib, a PDF file generator. (Commercail)
    Added Tuesday, June 11 2002
  • Shell Plus : Good looking Windows shell extension components (Commercial)
    Added Wednesday, July 10 2002
  • Cypress Software : Cypress Enable, a VBA-compatible scripting engine (Commercial)
  • Interbase Provider : Component to use OLE DB to access InterBase (Commercial)
  • Binary Magics : Magic CD/DVD burner component (Commercial)
  • Soft-haus Solutions : see the Developer Downloads for some freeware stuff, including a TAPI component (Freeware)
    Added Wednesday, July 17 2002
  • Delphi Cryptography Page : DCPcrypt, an excellent looking cryptographic component (Freeware)
    Added Friday, July 19 2002
  • Billenium Effects : Special effects component (Commercial)
    Added Tuesday, August 6 2002
  • BS/1 - BS/1 Professional is an integrated time billing and accounting system that is free for Delphi/BCB programmers. (Freeware)
    Added Friday, September 20 2002
  • TurboDB : small and fast database (Commercial)
  • IonWorx ICE License, software copy protection component (Commercial)
    Added Monday, September 23 2002
  • FlexCel : Excel spreadsheet interface component - create, read, and write them. It just says Delphi, but I imagine it might work with BCB as it includes source code (Freeware)
  • puterSoft.com : FilterBox (set filter conditions - Freeware), a calendar and FontColor component too (Commercial)
  • G32.org : Delphi (and BCB) graphics programming projects, include G32, a "modular graphics library" (Freeware)
  • winsoft : lots of components to check out, including Joystick, MemPort, etc (Commercial)
    Added Thursday, September 26 2002
  • NAG Software Solutions : nice looking component suite, as well as a software copy-protection component (Commercial)
    Added Monday, September 30 2002
    Added Wednesday, October 9 2002
  • Helpware : kit to integrate HTMLHelp into your BCB program (Freeware)
  • J-P Moreau's Math Page : A whole bunch of small C++ programs to do math, like Bessel functions, etc. (Freeware)
    Added Thursday, October 10 2002
  • SaM-Solutions : Component Set for NT, which lots of NT specific functionality (Commercial)
    Added Tuesday, December 10 2002
  • Ortus Software : shell components and shell dialogs (Commercial)
  • Report Manager : Reporting application & components (Freeware)
    Added Thursday, January 9 2003
  • progdigy : DSPack, a set of components to write multimedia apps (Freeware)
  • DataStead : some video processing and web page scanning components, as well as DFMToSource, a utility for translating DFM files into source code (Commercial)
    Added Friday, July 11 2003
  • Fastexters.com: A Collection of experts to make working with projects easier (Commercial)
  • Contour Components : ContourCube "a high-performance OLAP component which allows to add OLAP functionality" (sic) (Commercial)
  • Sunisoft : SUI Pack, "a suit of enhanced GUI components", a good looking and low priced suite of scheme/skin components; SMLPack, a localization package, and TinyDB, small database components (Commercial)
  • DeepSoftware : nrCommLib (serial port), Storage Library (persistant storage), nrWinCalc (control Windows calculator); Syntax Suite, for syntax highlightings (Shareware)
  • Van Tumour Industries : Graphics Components, Property Editors, Containers, Cross Version (help maintain source code between BCB versions), and docs. (Freeware)
  • Translate C++ Exceptions to VCL Exceptions : Excellent library for catching C++ Exceptions and turning them into VCL ones
    Added Monday, July 28 2003
  • Sonixsoft : Some neat little components, like a Tray Icon, Web Label, tree & list view. In German, but you get the sourcecode (Freeware
  • >Tiriss : ChangeRes utility, that allows you to change the version info via the command line (Commercial) Added Monday, August 25 2003
  • PAX Script - interpreted object-oriented scripting language component (Commercial)
  • Turbopwer : An amazing list of components, released to Open Source. Search for "Turbopower" on SourceForge.net. (Freeware)
    Added Wednesday, August 27 2003
  • Gnostice : PDFToolkit, QuickReport exporting, and eDocEngine for creating documents in BCB. (Commercial)
  • Waler.com : QuickReport exporters. (Commercial)
  • QuSoft : the "home of QuickReport". Samples, examples, and updates for QuickReport. (Commercial)
    Added Thursday, September 11 2003
  • XMLSoft.org : XML C parser and toolkit library. (Freeware)
  • Code Coffer : Code obfuscation tool, as well as DcuProtector, a way to protect DCU files & VCL components. (Commercial)
    Added Monday, September 29 2003
  • Ionworx : software protection, ID and licensing software (Commercial)
    Added Thursday, November 20 2003
  • EurekaLog : For catching exceptions and reporting code location. (Commercial)
    Added Monday, December 1 2003
  • SecureBlackBox : component for SSL, SSH and other secure Internet protocols. (Commercial)
  • Rodolfo Frino's C++Builder stuff : Lots of cool stuff, including examples and a free Advanced Image List component. Also nice tutorial on creating a colored button (Freeware)
    Added Wednesday, December 10 2003
  • VolgaDB Engine : DB Engine & control components. (Freeware and commercial)
  • Component Ace : BDE replacement database and some compression components. (Commercial)
  • Nexus : BDE DB Engine replacement (Commercial)
  • Turbopower Foundry : An archived copy of the late, much-lamented Turbopower Foundry, which contains extra stuff for all the Turbopower components and products (Freeware)


Some useful sites to get help on C++Builder. Includes tutorials, FAQs, utilities, and examples.

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